Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goodnight Moon

It's late and I can't sleep. The worst part about this current situation is that I have ASU tomorrow, which means 8 hours at the high school followed by 5 hours of grad school. Luckily I have a new professor who is probably going to be my favorite graduate professor. In honor of the newest season of The Bachelor, I gave him the first impression my mind. Unfortunately I also have a new professor with the potential to be least favorite. He didn't get a rosé. Lets talk about the fact that my phone just auto corrected rose to rosé...that was weird.

Once upon a time I considered myself witty. I'm not sure that was actually true, but at least my two best friends and sister thought that was true (and myself). Ever since I became a teacher, that's gone. I have no witty comments to blog. I have no funny stories. I have no entertaining ramblings. They don't even entertain me! I actually do have a lot of funny stories from my 140 kiddos I've adopted and learned to love so much. Maybe I'll share more of those.

Any who, if I was Oprah, I would give everyone reading this a little blue "one line a day," journal because it is one of my favorite things. I jot down one (or two) sentences about what I did everyday. I was reminded tonight that tomorrow marks the one year anniversary since I was accepted into TFA. I couldn't be more grateful for this experience. I'll be singing a different tune tomorrow when my alarm goes off. No more ramblings.

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sue said...

Keep writing Elizabeth, I love you!