Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Before I Die..

My dear, sweet cousin Jane sent me a link to this website a few months ago.  I love bucket lists and trying to challenge myself so you can imagine how much I loved this blog.  A woman started this wall in New Orleans as a public experiment.  It is covered with the sentence stem, "Before I die I want to _______________," and there are pieces of chalk for people to fill in the blank.  The idea to share with your community what you would like to accomplish in this lifetime.  Some are a bit silly, some are more serious, but all of the dreams are great.  This picture is the desktop on my computer.  I especially love it because of the bottom before I die I want to...join Teach for America.

I was in Denver last week and just about screamed (in fact, I think I actually did scream) when I drove by a Before I Die wall.

I want to incorporate this somehow into my classroom next year.  I feel like it would be a great culture building activity.  I wish I had some deep, profound idea to fill in the blank, but before I stopped at the wall I had just been to the aquarium and all I could think about was sharks.

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