Thursday, April 18, 2013


In college my friends would always make fun of me because there's not a "type" of guy that I date.  They all seem to be very different.  All great ideas and "ah-ha" moments seem to come in the shower.  At almost every dance practice, one of my girls starts a a sentence with, "I was in the shower and I realized/thought/insert-some-other-word..."  I've also been working on factoring at school for over a month (side note:  I'm about to go insane!  Tomorrow is the unit exam on quadratics.  Hallelujah!)  For you mathletes out there, the hardest thing has been that darn greatest common factor.  Let's take a minute to put together those two random thoughts.

I was in the shower and I realized that there is a greatest common factor among everyone I've dated.  Let's take a look:

Grew up on a farm, drives a truck, wears Wranglers.
Likes to cook, handyman, drives a truck, travels for work.
Drives a truck, lives in Logan, works on a boat, studied plants.
Travels everywhere, plays lacrosse, has a bun, drives a truck.
Fast runner, plays lacrosse, drives a truck, lives in Logan.

Taking these five terms into consideration, you can see that each term has one thing in common.  Many of them have similar factors, but there is only one that is common among all terms.  The greatest common factor is "drives a truck".  If you were to factor out the GCF, you would be left with the remaining terms.

So there you have it, I guess a truck is all it takes to get my interest.  I must have a sixth sense that helps me find them.  I was never aware I liked trucks so much until that light bulb moment in the shower.

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