Monday, November 18, 2013

Insult Bombs

For some reason my kiddos are obsessed with my appearance and my personal life.  They are also extremely inconsiderate and rude when talking about their two obsessions.  The good thing is that they're just high schoolers and I know you can't take anything they say to heart.  Here are some of the wonderful things they've said to me:

  • "My mom always wears sweaters like yours.  I think they're so ugly."
  • To an aide, "finally, I get to work with a teacher I actually like."  To me, "don't worry, you are my second favorite teacher in the room"
  • "You're so fashionable this year.  Last year you looked ratchet all the time.  We would look at you and be like, 'you know she didn't even try today.'  Seriously, you'd wear these big baggy cardigan's all the time."
  • "Ms. Sansom, you never match"
  • "Hey Miss, what would you do if there was this girl that liked you, but you didn't like her back....wait, never mind.  You're not the type of person that dates.  I'll ask someone else."
  • "Do you have a boyfriend now?  Lately you've been getting ready and your outfits match"
  • "I like to imagine that you just have songs about math on your iPod."
  • "You have friends?!  I didn't know you had friends!"
I guess my goal of teaching my students to be decent, kind human beings hasn't really played out quite yet.

I found this in another teacher's room and thought it was hilarious.  The level of talent in desk art has skyrocketed this year.  I am quite impressed.  

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